DELRECO Circular Furniture

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In case you are missing some furniture in your room, we can help you out! First, you select what types of furniture you need. You will be put on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as possible. After a first meeting, we will arrange the transportation and set up the furniture at your place. At the end of your subscription, we will collect the furniture and they will be re-used again!

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Our key principles

Equal chances

DELRECO believes in equal chances. Since many international students do not have furniture and access to transportation at their abroad location, they are limited to furnished rooms. It is known that these rooms are scarce, pricey and not much available. DELRECO provides with the delivery, installment and pick up of furniture, the opportunity for international students to apply for every available room!

Fair price/quality ratio

Most of the furnished rooms are limited to very basic designs and are very pricey.
DELRECO guarantees you a delivery of good quality furniture for a fair price. There will always be room for your personal needs to make you feel completely at home!

Ease of mind

Moving abroad can be really challenging and require a lot of effort, especially when you do not have access to transportation, furniture and the help of others at hand. DELRECO wants to offer you these services. We will deliver and install your furniture when you arrive, and pick up the furniture at the end of your studies. Does your furniture suddenly break? We will be there to repair or replace them. DELRECO can take care of all these things to provide you ease of mind during your stay abroad!

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Are you going to live in an unfurnished room during your study abroad?
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Circular economy

Using our service is a contribution to a circular economy. We want to re-use, repair and refurbish all the furniture we have. If there is no use for them anymore, we will try to find another purpose or have them recycled as good as possible.

Prevent bulky waste

On a yearly basis, an average person in Nijmegen produces 22,7 kg bulky waste a year. With a lot of students moving in and out, most of them leaving their furniture behind, a lot of bulky waste is produced. With our service, we make sure that the furniture does not end up as waste.

Less stress

Worries about finding furniture and how to arrange them are in the past. With our service you can choose your furniture before you are arriving and we will arrange it all when you arrived at your new home.

Transportation is arranged

Transportation of furniture is costly and takes a lot of effort. With our service this is all done for you! We will deliver and install, and at the end of your study period we will collect it all again.

No high costs

No high investments are needed anymore to arrange your furniture. With our subscription model, you pay a monthly fee with a fair price/quality ratio! Longer renting periods also contribute to discounts.

No more limitations to furnished rooms

Having to buy furniture for a short period of time is often not worth it. However, this limits your options to a furnished rooms, which are scarce and often not to your personal preference. With our service we provide you to opportunity to apply for every available room.


We are a young start-up, launched in July 2021. Our team consists of a group of three young student entrepreneurs, working hard on the future to set a sustainable example. As a team, we decided to be transparent about our mission to be sustainable.

It is our mission to help international students and to make them feel at home. We want to approach this on a sustainable manner. However, since we are still in the starting phase, we do not have any access to the most sustainable options just yet. We are working hard on making transport as sustainable as possible by renting energy neutral bus. Furthermore, our furniture is as sustainable as we can do. Nevertheless, sometimes we do have to use furniture that is not the most sustainable item. In the near future we hope to rent out 100% sustainable furniture. We will be open about our choices and set goals to improve everything, to reach the most sustainable way of our service!